About Laura

Laura Matthews has been storytelling since her stuffed animals could talk. Her first “full-length” narratives leapt from the keys of her dad’s white Selectric, were bound with wallpaper scraps and staples, and explored her toys’ adventures in her backyard. As she grew, so did her stories, about friends, romance, world events.

As a professional writer/editor, Laura has had over a hundred articles published in various periodicals, including The Christian Science Monitor. In her tenure as Managing Editor for a content-rich website from 1999–2005, Laura worked with hundreds of contributors from around the globe and wrote many of her own articles. One of her inspirational essays on 9/11 was read subsequently into the record of the United States Congress. Since 2005, she has freelanced as an editor for authors in both independent and traditional publishing.

Soon to be publishing the first of her science-fiction trilogy, While Rome Burns, Laura offers this blog as a way to chronicle the journey and explore topics she’s passionate about. She hopes someday to be on the favorite reading list of the world’s future Austens and Dickenses, who are even now casting their toys in the stories of their lives.